Six Sexy Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Are you looking to find some sexy or dirty questions that you can ask your girlfriend?  These are the kinds of things that are fun to ask a woman you have been dating or even a woman you are trying to date,  because they tend to lend to a much more exciting and seductive conversation than asking a woman -  so,  what do you do for fun?  You can be really specific and get down to what you want to know or you can be a little more vague and let her fill in the details.  Either way,  when you start asking a woman these kinds of questions,  you should find that things tend to rise to a new level in your relationship with her.

Here are 6 sexy questions that I think your girlfriend will find fun to answer and I think you will find it fun as well:

1)  Where is the craziest place that you have ever had sex with a guy you were dating?

This is a good one to get a feel for just how wild and adventurous that she may be.  Of course,  you may find that she gives you the standard,  in the bedroom kind of answer,  but that just means that it leaves you an opening to give her an experience that will give her a good answer if you ever ask that question again.

2)  Have you ever thought about a threesome and if so,  would it be with another guy and a girl or with two guys?

Of course,  you are going to be hoping that she says that yes,  she has and that she would rather it be with one guy and another girl.  I have to tell you that I have been pleasantly surprised a few times just by asking this question and that might be the case for you as well.

3)  Where is the sexiest place that a guy can kiss you?

Ask her this and she will probably be happy that you did because it is going to tell her that you really want to be a thoughtful lover.  And you might find that it is a place that you would have never thought of,  so you may get some benefit from this as well.

4)  Have you ever had multiple orgasms?

This is one that you are hoping that she is going to be honest when she answers,  but don’t be surprised if she is not.  Women do lie about the big O and they want you to believe that you are a great lover,  even if they tell their girlfriends another story when you are not around.  Still,  it’s not a bad question to ask your girlfriend.

5)  What is your ultimate fantasy?

You want to know this if you are ever going to surprise her with the most thrilling night of her life.  Funnily enough,  a lot of couples don’t share things like this with one another and of course,  that means that they don’t really know what the other person really wants.  Ask this and you will know.

6)  Strawberries and whip cream or strawberries with chocolate sauce?

Hopefully,  the woman you are dating or asking this question of is not allergic to strawberries.  If so, then you may want to add in a third option.  What makes this question really fun,  is when you have a quart of strawberries and chocolate sauce and whip cream already handy.  Then,  when she is answering you,  you pull them out and watch her face light up.

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