My Ex Girlfriend is Flirting With Me – Does This Mean That She Still Likes Me?

It’s a tough call when you feel like you are getting mixed messages from a woman, but if that woman is your ex girlfriend… well, let’s just say that this can be REALLY tough to deal with. If your ex girlfriend also happens to be really good at being coy – then it may be hard to even figure out what all of the flirting really means. Does it mean that she likes you still? Does it mean that you have a chance of being able to get back together at some point in time?

Seems like you are starting to have more questions than you do answers. It’s probably a confusing time for you right now. If you still hold onto a lot of feelings for her, then it probably is extremely confusing. There is probably a part of you that wants it to be true, that wants to believe that your ex girlfriend is still wanting you, but you should know that it may be more of what you want to be true and not what is actually true. The heart has a way of tricking the mind into seeing what it wants to see.

There are some ways to evaluate whether or not your ex girlfriend still likes you if she is flirting with you. You should know that these are mostly just indicators that suggest that she might still like you – not absolute indications that she definitely does.

1) Does your ex girlfriend flirt with you around other people or just when it is you and her?

Although she might like you either way, it is definitely a much better signal that she wants to start things up again if she is willing to flirt with you in front of other people. When you see that she is not trying to hide the sparks between you and her when other people around, you usually can assume that she still likes you and she does not care about whether or not other people know that and see it. Of course, even if most of the flirting does happen behind the scenes, that does not mean that she does not want to get back together. Some women are a little more shy about flirting with a guy in front of other people.

2) Is your ex girlfriend the type of woman who is naturally flirty with just about every guy that she interacts with?

Some women seem to have adapted a flirtatious behavior whenever they are interacting with a man, whether or not they like the guy. You should know a little bit about your ex girlfriend’s personality and if she happens to be the kind of woman that flirts with most of the guys that she meets. If she is that type, then it may just be her doing what she does best and it may not really mean that much at all. I know, it would suck to hear that, but that is the way that it goes some of the time.

3) Has the flirting between you and your ex girlfriend escalated since the two of you broke up?

One way to determine whether or not it is just harmless flirting or whether or not it means something is to look and see if there have been situations where the flirting has led to things escalating between you and her. Have you been hanging around her and laughing together and next thing you know it – you are kissing one another? I think it would be pretty obvious that if this is the case, then you probably do have a pretty good chance at getting back together with your ex girlfriend.

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