Let’s Play 20 Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

They say that one of the keys to a successful ongoing relationship is to communicate well with one another and get to know each other as best you can.  While there are plenty of ways that you can get to know your girlfriend better,  one of the best ways to do this is to ask her questions about herself so that she starts to reveal things to you that you don’t already know. The trick with coming up with questions to ask a girlfriend is,  you have to make her feel at ease and not at all like you are trying to get her to reveal any hidden secrets that she might have.

Simply put,  you are not a detective and no one wants to feel like they are in an interrogation room with a spotlight on them.  If you want to get to know your girlfriend better,  then you are going to have to ask her questions that are fun for her to answer.  And if you ask her the right ones (wink,wink),  it may also help you to seduce your girlfriend as well.

For that reason,  below I have listed 20 questions that you can ask your girlfriend that will definitely let you feel like you do know her better,  and that will make her feel like you are just trying to get some conversation going without it looking like you are trying to get her to spill the beans.

Here are your 20 questions that you can ask your girlfriend to get to know her better:

1)  Have you ever cheated on anything in life?  A test,  a boyfriend?

2)  Do you like any cheesy bands that no one knows about?

3)  What is the craziest thing that you did when you were in high school?  Do your parents know about it?

4)  What’s the lamest pick up line that a guy has tried to use on you?

5)  Have you ever made fun of one of your friends behind their back?  Did they find out?

6)  What’s your opinion on saving the whales – save ‘em or let ‘em die out?

7)  If you could go back in time,  would you do anything differently?

8)  What is one opportunity that you could have taken but did not that makes you wonder,  what if?

9)  Casual sex – yea or nay?

10)  What do you think of a guy who knows how to dance like the guys in boy bands do?  Hot or not?

11)  Have you ever traveled to an exotic country?  Would you like to one day?

12)  What is the dumbest thing that you ever did when you were drunk?

13)  Would you dump a guy who was great all around except for the fact that he was a terrible kisser?

14)  Have you ever had a crush on a guy who was going out with one of your friends?  Did anything happen between you and him?

15)  Guys who drive a Toyota Prius – manly or pansy?

16)  What was your favorite childhood movie and why is it your favorite one?

17)  Did you ever have a teacher from hell that made you dread going to their class?  Did you ever ditch that class?

18)  You’ve won $ 10,000 in a contest,  do you put it in the bank or blow it on a shopping binge?

19)  Public displays of affection – mandatory or gross to watch?

20)  What is your favorite place to make love?  Can you show me?

You can use some,  all or none of these questions to try and get to know your girlfriend a little bit better.  Sometimes,  the answers that you can get are surprising,  sometimes they are funny,  and sometimes they can lead to you and her feeling like you are connected much deeper than you were before.

Overall,  you should never take for granted how important it is to know how to talk to a woman,  how to communicate with her and get to know her if you want the relationship to lead anywhere.

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