I Think She is Playing Mind Games With Me – How to Handle It Like a Champ

I bet that you have been in a situation where you felt like a woman was playing mind games with you and you probably were not really sure what you should do to handle it. Sometimes it is tough to deal with situations like that, but you know what? When you learn how to deal with a woman who is playing mind games and you can show her that it really does not bother you one bit – that is when you get to take back a little bit of the power in the situation. That is when you can start to see some fantastic results with women, the kind of results that most men will never be able to experience because they will never get to the point that they are not bothered by the head games.

I can tell you that even though it does not seem like it is fun to be in a situation where it seems like a woman is just messing with your head, when you know how to turn things around on a dime, it does become kind of fun. Right now, you probably feel like you just want to cut through the fog and see what it is that you need to do to make her want you the way that you want her.

That is exactly what you will be able to do when you get through these next few tips:

1. Before you do anything else, make sure that you are really dealing with a woman who is playing head games and not something else.

There are times when guys will describe a woman as playing head games with them and what really is going on is… it is all in the guy’s head. So, you want to be careful that you are not making the mistake of thinking that a woman is messing with your mind when she really is not. This is especially true for situations where a guy will assume a woman with absolutely no interest at all in them is playing hard to get. That is one thing that you need to deal with before you try and deal with anything else. Not only that, another reason why men will feel as though they are getting their heads messed with is, they just don’t understand women. There might be a communication gap between you and her and that may be what is really going on.

2. If she is messing with your mind, then realize that some women do that just to test a guy and that may be all that it is – a test.

You should probably already know that women do this from time to time. You will see this happen even in couples that have been together for a long time, so it should not surprise you too much when a woman is testing you. Another thing to keep in mind is that some of the tests that women throw out are to try and separate the guys worth dating from the ones that are not worth their time. You want to be thought of as being worth her time, so don’t allow anything to shake you up too much.

3. You may also want to consider the possibility that the woman you are dealing with is emotionally unstable.

Occasionally you are going to run into a woman is totally unstable. And you know what? Some of those unstable women look fantastic, but dealing with them is anything but. When a woman seems to always be messing with you or she seems like she always goes from hot to cold in the span of a few minutes, then you may want to just check her off as being unstable and move on from her. It’s not worth it to get mixed up with a woman who is off her rocker just because she has a beautiful face or a hot body. Plenty of men end up learning this the hard way.

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