Can You Use Words to Seduce Women?

Seduction is quite often thought of being all about the image that you give off to a woman and sometimes that can really be a substantial factor in whether or not a woman feels attracted to you.  There are also situations where the best thing that a guy can do is to learn how to use words to seduce women.  We’ve all seen great examples throughout classic literature of guys who were able to string together a sweet symphonic string of words and that was more than enough for them to be able to make a woman fall in love with them very fast.  We’ve all seen the characters in movies that seem so real to life that have the ability to use conversation as a way to build massive sexual tension and attraction with a woman on the screen… and even with the women in the audience who are just watching the movie.

And you know what?

It does work out well in real life.  The good thing about being able to use conversation to make a woman feel like she is becoming progressively more and more attracted to you is… it does not really matter what you look like.  This is one of those skills that tends to level the playing field if you are able to pull it off.  The sad thing is,  most guys are not able to do this.  They are too busy trying to sound cool and not focused enough on just mesmerizing a woman with the way that they speak,  the passion that extends from their choice of words and the body language that accompanies those words that make a woman feel an immense amount of suspense and pleasure as they talk to her.

You hear all of the time guys talk on and on about using pick up lines to try and score with a woman and if you were to really look at the average success rate of a guy who relies on pick up lines alone… you would probably seem some pretty dismal stats.  On the other hand,  if you were to look at the success rate of a man who knows how to spark a riveting conversation with just about any woman that he wants to,  I would be more than willing to bet that he would be the clear cut winner hands down.

So,  you might be thinking that this is all well and good,  but how does that help you if you are not naturally the kind of guy that can sound poetic when talking to a woman?  You know what -  you really don’t have to be that good at all,  you just have to be better than the average guy.  And surprisingly,  the bar for that tends to be pretty low.

What you want to avoid is anything that sounds canned or preconceived.  You don’t want to be the tenth guy in the past year to run some generic line on a woman.  You want to instead learn how to use certain words to escalate a woman’s fascination and attraction with you and if you do this right… you are almost guaranteed to have her feel like she is incredibly sexually attracted to you.  Never underestimate the power of words to invoke emotion and never underestimate the success rate that you will have when trying to seduce women if you have the ability to use conversation to initiate,  stimulate,  and escalate the amount of attraction that she feels for you.

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